Tips for Negotiating Salary:

Moving to a new job is a great opportunity to get an increase in your salary. Below are some helpful tips on how to negotiate higher salaries with prospective employers.


  1. Wait for an offer
  2. Understand who has the bargaining power
    • Ex. Is the employer having difficulty filling the position with qualified candidates or is there a strong pipeline of other candidates willing to accept the position at a lower salary
  3. Do your competitive salary research
  4. Anticipate possible employer objections and know how you will react
  5. Show excitement for the positions
    • Make sure you want the job and let the employer know that
    • Then let them know that the only thing you are hesitating on is salary
  6. Do not bring personal needs into the discussion, keep it based on your experience and the skills and knowledge you would be bringing to the organization
  7. Be prepared with salary options
    • The lowest you would go
    • An offer that would make you smile
    • An offer that would make you jump up and down
    • Present a figure between your middle and high figure
  8. Keep the conversation a friendly experience
  9. Be creative – if the company can’t afford a higher salary, try asking for other benefits (a company car or allowance, bonuses, 3 – 6 month performance raises, stock options, profit sharing, vacation days or temporary housing)
  10. Be prepared to walk away if necessary