Cover Letter Format:

Cover letters can be used to compliment your resume. Their purpose is to add value in explaining how your experiences and skills are a fit with the job to which you are applying for. Below is a sample cover letter format that you can use as a tool to help you create strong cover letters.


Your Street Address
City, Province, Postal Code
Phone Number
Email Address


Employer Contact Information (if you have it)

Company Name
City, Province,
Postal Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name, (leave out if you don't have a contact)

Body of Cover Letter

First Paragraph

Middle Paragraph

Closing Paragraph

Complementary Close

Best regards,


Your first and last name


  1. Research the company and position
    • Referring to something about the company shows you are really interested
  2. Tailor your letter
    • Highlight skills you have that are a requirement for the position
  3. Keep it short and simple
    • Concise and to the point (max of 1 – 3 sentences per paragraph)
    • Simple, direct language (reflect your individuality but always maintain professionalism)
    • Positive and enthusiastic tone
    • Minimal use of personal pronouns
  4. Support your claims with accomplishments
    • Add value through touching on highlights from your resume, but be careful not to repeat it
  5. Always check for spelling and grammar